Saturday, April 14, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  This post about "Can you help the honey bees?"  by Kevin at A Garden for the House, should be read by everyone, especially gardeners!

2.  Now here is one for mothers, especially For The Mamas of Preschoolers.  Even if your kids are older, or you have grandchildren now, you will still relate to it.  And if you know someone who needs to hear those words, pass the link on!

3.  And it's snowing  here again!!  Maybe I shouldn't have thrown out my winter boots, even if they were falling apart!

4.  Tomato transplanting continues on.  We are at 140 so far!  Perhaps I should open a mail order business and share them around.  I know our friends in NS are wondering if I've lost my mind :) - there may be something to that!!

5.  Via Ann's blog A Holy Experience, read this article "22 Things You Can Do to Change Your  Photography Forever".  There will definitely be one or two things that you will want to do  - guaranteed!   I'm going to work on #4 and #12.   Let me know which ones you decide to tackle :)  And on that note, I must end with a photograph!!

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

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  1. thanks for the link about photography ... :)