Friday, April 20, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  There is a provincial election in Alberta on Monday and I'm working as a deputy returning officer for the first time.  I hope I remember to do everything I'm supposed to - in the right order!

2.  I love pre-shrinking new fabric - and then folding it all neat and smooth, ready to be cut into.  A friend at work inspired me to visit a quilt store - I am planning to sew tomorrow :)

3.  Cutting into brand new fabric and stacking up quilt pieces also makes me very happy!

4.  Big Huge Labs has this very cool map feature.  I still have a lot of the world to visit!

5.  I found this sign on Pinterest - it speaks directly to me!

And with that, I'm off to bed - because I have a reading conference to attend early in the morning :)


  1. hope everything goes well for you at the election. you've been busy these past few weeks. and that map is so cool! you've been to far more of the world than i have. i'm curious to hear what sewing projects you are up to.

  2. You have been so blessed to visit so many parts of the world. I think I've done good to visit almost all of the US & Canada, and a tad in Mexico!!