Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I am...
:: waiting for a great supper idea to materialize!
:: guessing that the grandchildren will have enough chocolate eggs to last for a few days :)
:: wondering how I am going to find time to do all the sewing that I want to before spring forces me outside.
:: loving the memories of Easters and birthdays past.
:: anticipating  having a new element in my oven after baking 3 batches of buns on the weekend at 275 degrees!
:: reeling with the thought of transplanting more tomatoes - I've already done more than a hundred!
:: listening to Easter praise music including Casting Crowns.
:: downloading Facetime so we can chat with Samuel and Melinda.
:: counting 6 days until Maelle's first birthday!
:: hoping that there are no more days of terrible driving in wet, heavy snow.
:: believing that I am truly blessed by my family and friends.
:: confirming that nights are still well below zero around these parts.
:: making plans to get our taxes prepared.
:: thinking that I've been very blessed to get more days of subbing this week.
:: doing some letter writing this week.
:: deciding when it would be best to book a visit to New Brunswick.
:: getting excited about seeing leaves on trees again.
:: wanting to sew!
:: hearing the Easter songs that the grade ones and twos sang and danced to today.  They are still echoing in my head!
:: leaving school still thinking (and worrying!) about the grade 3 - 4 music assembly that I have tomorrow morning.

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