Wednesday, April 04, 2012


 Prompted by Monika at i love it all, I signed up for the 30 Days of Lists project for the month of March.  I enjoyed the daily focus on a prompt and put them all together in a simple composition book (that I got when I took a class from Stacy Julian a few years back).   A stack of Basic Grey tags that were left over from other projects made interesting title plates on each page and I used up a whole bunch of stickers and rubons - which explains the creative spelling in some places.  It was awesome to think up the journaling and then use up some supplies on this very fun project!

Here are the first 9 pages that I created.

#1 - Challenges for this month:
- finish 30 Days of lists AND record in book with supplies
- take 12 B&W photos on the 12th
- sew tablecloth and ironing board cover for Naomi
- babysit 2 days
- sew 2 quilts
- start tomato seeds
(some of these are carrying over into April - yikes!)

#2 - Goals
- cook and eat grain-free, especially wheat
- sub half-time
- clean another section of the basement = bags to thrift store + bags to garbage
- sew Meadow's nightgown
- bring apple branches in for forcing

#3 - Perfect Weekend
- longer than two days
- sleeping in
- not much scheduled
- books to read
- time to create
- a road trip
- clean house before the weekend
- photo ops and a camera
- good food
- friends and family
- chocolate and dessert
- sunshine

#4 - I'll Put Off These Things Until Tomorrow
- farm accounting
- vacuuming
- washing windows and walls 
- exercising
- cleaning out the basement
- garden weeding
- throwing out pictures

I forgot to take a picture of #5!

#6 - Things to Collect
- fabric - in all colours and patterns
- scrapbook supplies, especially paper
- dishes and cups, serving platters and bowls
- earring and bracelets, on holiday too
- books and specialty notepads

#7 - I Am Inspired By
- nature and our world
- colours of all kinds and intensities
- my children and grandchildren
- other bloggers
- my job and children
- the seasons
- my mother, sisters and grandmother

#8 - Say No To
- refined sugar
- sitting instead of exercising
- evening snacks
- wasting time online
- cleaning procrastination
- weeds in the garden
- messy floors
- a cluttered basement

#9 - Happy Places 
- wherever our grandchildren are
- talking to our children and grandchildren on the phone
- Vancouver Island in the springtime
- on a tropical beach like Zanzibar
- on a trip to see a new part of the world
- sleeping in
- where chai latte's are served
- on a golf course
- with friends, camping and quadding
- in bookstores and libraries
- in front of the fire, reading


  1. Loved your project, thanks for sharing! I especially like the line about cleaning procrastination! For me, that means cleaning instead of creating, is that how it is for you? Of course, cleaning up before a big project to clear your headspace is another matter...;)

  2. What a fabulous project! I love the pages you have shown us, Crystal - lists are such fun to make and say so much about the author of them, don't they? I was playing about on Amazon recently and saw listography journals - so much out there to choose from!

  3. Love the book Crystal!! What a great idea to create one of these to keep a person on track ~ I could use one for sure!
    Hey its our Birthday month, do you have anything special planned?

  4. Oh, it turned out great. I love the simplicity of it, yet getting your thoughts and ideas written down. I'm curious about what the other topics were. I have so much fun thinking of things for our weekly list post. I like number nine. I could think of a few happy places we've been to together. I'm looking to making a few more memories with you from happy places visited.