Monday, April 02, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

#3900 - #3935

- snow almost gone from the lawn
- almonds to use for almond meal and baking
- quiet morning to read
- spring break!
- fridge restocked with fruits and vegetables

- spring decorations around the house
- text messages
- one more package of beets found in the freezer
- planting potatoes in the greenhouse
- video-conference class on environmentally friendly yards

- seeds
- sprouts
- planting
- pussy willows
- daffodils

- creating
- perfect avocadoes
- special displays
- finding the perfect color in my fabric stash
- Easter pillows

- birthday gift (thanks, A!)
- hospitals and help
- geese honking overhead
- a new month
- arrangement of flowers and eggs

- sub plans all laid out on the desk
- reading first thing in the morning
- laughing with students
- sun shining on the playground
- summer jackets and rubber boots

- the challenge to accept God's plan for this week
- studying what this means for us
- the hymns of Holy Week
- knowing that no matter how dark the events, He will arise!
- all the hope that His resurrection gives to me!

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