Monday, April 02, 2012

Dear April!

Dear April -

You have totally snuck up on me!
It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas
and now here you are with all your promises of spring.

You showered us with snow this morning
but by afternoon your warm rays of sunshine
had melted away all traces of the white stuff.
Puddles are gathered everywhere
and I am sure the kids will find everyone of them
on the school playground tomorrow.
Your sun rises by 7:30 in the morning now
and it lingers until well after 8 p.m. already.
And the warmth, oh the glorious warmth
of all that sunlight feels so very good!
Yesterday in the greenhouse
all your rays grew our potatoes
ever so nicely, in just one day.

I heard geese honking across the sky today
and I'm sure the robins will soon be here too.
The smell of earth fills my nostrils
when I go near the garden
and the first dandelions
will soon be poking up around the house.
There is so much promise as you unfold
spring for us.

Halfway through you we will celebrate
 MaĆ«lle's first birthday - how exciting that will be!
It doesn't seem possible that she's been here
for twelve months already
but she is getting to be even more adorable
as she explores and expands her world.
I am most delighted to share my birthday month
with her - we will have grand parties together, I think,
especially with big sister and brother planning cakes for us!

So it's quite a pleasure to welcome you,
dear April -
even though winter wasn't too long or hard this year.
We look forward to all the glory of Easter
and our Saviour's resurrection this week.
Thank you for bringing new life
and the reminder of God's gift of salvation
into my life again.


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  1. Great writing. Thanks for the nice words left on my blog.