Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#3991 - #4026

- new teatowels in favourite colors
- bits and pieces of fabric for a special quilt
- soft and cuddly minkie fabric
- new jeans
- help with transplanting

- steadfast faith by my grandparents and parents
- special teacup and saucer from my grandfather in 1967
- grapes + cheese
- phone conversations
- purple and white pansies, like my Gramma loved

- new games in phys ed classes
- watching the grade fives have fun
- voting
- cutting strips of fabric
- creative colleagues

- reading conference
- new ideas and strategies
- buying books
- visiting with colleagues
- afternoon caffeine break

- praline cheesecake
- knowing He is with us when (not if, but when) trials come
- care and love in our small  Bible study group
- finding the perfect gift
- Sunday dinner shared

- growing things in the greenhouse
- watching "Amazing Race" in India
- packing lunch with good things to eat
- democracy and election days
- photos printed

- good hair day
- rescues
- an unexpected hour for reading
- "A Week In My Life" project
- knowing that I am always forgiven and always loved by Him

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