Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

#3966  - #3991

- pushing Maëlle in the swing
- dividing a chocolate bar to study fractions
- eating the 'extra' pieces
- new dessert plates
- sisters

- bouquets of pink and white tulips
- Easter landscape with grass growing now
- morning coffee at recess
- watching Amazing Race with friends
- turquoise and brown glass bead necklace from Tanzania

- Tazo sweet orange tea
- new bracelet (thanks, E!)
- pink rubber boots
- wrapping Maëlle's birthday gift
- sweet birthday cake made by her Mama

- fresh, crisp, colorful vegetables in the fridge
- visiting around the table at my parents' house
- safely driving through snow and sleet
- robins trying to stay warm
- icicles dripping off the patio roof

- a changed perspective
- cousins gathered for her birthday
- Maëlle's steps on her own
- God's forgiveness, constant, when I need it most
- leaning on Him for everything

1 comment:

  1. that cake is so cute! glad you were able to celebrate with them. i hope the party went well.