Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

Easter is such an amazing time - so much for which to be really and truly grateful!

#3935 - #3966

- that God would rescue me
- the gift of His only Son
- His words of wisdom
- His reminder through bread and wine
- glorious music for Easter morning

- attending both sunrise and regular service
- sharing Easter breakfast
- smiles and greetings "He is Risen!"
- watching Bob assist at services
- Pastor washing my feet

- somber moments of reflection
- walking The Way of the Cross
- our faith community taking the message out to the streets
- strong men taking turns carrying the cross 
- the shadow of the cross

- letting the events of Holy Week guide our activities
- Resurrection buns
- treasures in the mail

- live theatre shared with our small group
- amazing cast that brought the story to life
- safely driving on the worst roads ever
- naps
- birdsong
- hiding eggs
- Easter egg hunts

- birthday gifts
- cards and messages

- phone calls
- birthday dinner
- new furniture!
- a new book

1 comment:

  1. what an awesome list. Easter week is something so miraculous, isn't it?! sounds like yours was so good and reflective.

    and how exciting to get kelle's book in the mail! enjoy reading it!