Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Menu Ideas

This was last night's supper - featuring the perogies that Naomi, Meadow and I made.  They were delicious!  I had some spinach and pomegranate seeds in the fridge so I searched online for a recipe and found this fabulous salad.  It's on the menu for Christmas dinner!  I highly recommend it for great color and an interesting mix of textures and flavours.  I  used a raspberry vinaigrette for the dressing.  The protein was grilled  lemon herbed steelhead trout.   All around, an excellent supper, worthy of repetition :))


  1. mmmmm, that looks delicious!

  2. Crystal, I love to read your blog! I especially like the way you take time to notice the beauty and articulate the thoughts and feelings you have. So nice!
    Thanks in particular for this salad idea; I think I'll use it on Christmas day when we gather with my family for dinner.
    I hope you manage to keep warm, despite the COLD and snow!