Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best of 2009 (continued)

Here are a few more Best of 2009 picks, as organized by Gwen Bell.

December 5 - Night Out - in downtown Manhattan, at a burger pub, with Melinda and Tyler, celebrating Tyler's birthday.  And later eating ice cream and then walking through Times Square, marveling at the neon signs, buildings, crowds, and energy of New York City.

December 6 - Workshop or conference - On National Scrapbook Day in May, I went to an all day crop organized by Scrapshotz in Calgary with Heather and that was lots of fun!  I got some pages done about our trip to Poland.  And in April I went to the International Reading Association conference, a perennial favourite of mine,  in Edmonton.  I love a day devoted to children and reading and books!

December 7 - Blog find of the year - I've followed a lot of blogs but if I could only read one each day, it would be Holy Experience, written by Ann Voskamp.  That girl has a gift with words and her camera, she lives on a farm, and her faith is a living, breathing daily reality.  She truly is an inspiration - I know she's shy about praise but God is using her in mighty ways!

December 8 - Moment of peace - early morning Bible reading when the sun shines in our bedroom and my day starts calmly, focussed on Him.

December 9 - Challenge - driving through Kenya and Tanzania, watching the women and children walk collecting water and firewood - and having children call out to us as we passed by in our safari vehicle, "Water, please."  And now coming home to so much of everything and sometimes seeing it being wasted or not appreciated.  This is still on my mind most days.

December 10 - Album of the year - Christmas music:  Andrea Bocelli "My Christmas" -  Christian album:  "CompassionArt (Creating Freedom from Poverty)" - 12 artists inspired to write and record an album with all proceeds and royalties going to help the poorest of the poor- from the album cover.


  1. We did have a great night, didn't we! Thanks for coming to celebrate.

    I can't quite imagine how difficult it was to see the women and children in Kanya and Tanzania just trying to survive. I was praying about that this morning, thinking about being a mom and how incredibly painful and hard it would be to not have enough food, water or clothing to take care of your own little one. It touches my heart even more so these days. It really made me think about what we could give up to help even one family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, too.