Friday, December 18, 2009

Ten on Thursday

1.  The weather has moderated a whole lot and it was above zero today!  Only in Alberta!  And of course now the weather forecast is for freezing rain - it goes from one extreme  to the other around here.

2.  Have you ever heard of a cookie stamp?  Apparently you press it down into the cookie after it's rolled and it "stamps" a raised design into the cookie top.   The ones shown are flat but some come with a wooden handle too.  I think I might like something like this!

3.  Speaking of cookies!  When we were making perogies the other day, Naomi told me that she's noticed I don't like to roll things out - and she was right!  So I decided to challenge myself, use the rolling pin and make these cookies that I've been talking about for a long time.

They turned out wonderfully and I made friends with my rolling pin.  I doubt if pie crust is on my radar yet though!

4.  One of my favourite Christmas baking projects is to make  fudge puddles.  The recipe was clipped from Country Woman magazine in 1992 so it's an oldie but they still taste great.

A single recipe makes 4 - 5 dozen but I decided to double it so I ended up with 10 dozen of these little guys!

5.  When all was said and done today, I had several cookie tins full of good things.  Some of these are going to be shared as gifts and some will be used when we entertain in the next few weeks.  I still want to make gingersnaps and shortbread.

6.  I also made a few of these Brownie Wreaths, as found on the Better Homes and Gardens website, to give away to friends and family.   This one went with the plate to a silent auction.


7.  And at that silent auction, I found this new little piece to add to my holiday decor.   It's got glitter on it and is quite cute ;))

8.  I'm working on my December Daily album, inspired by Ali Edwards, and loving the little snippets of time that I sneak here and there to do pages.  I'll share some of it soon.

9.  I found an online calendar template tonight and started creating a little paper project for a gift.  I love being inspired, dropping everything else and going off to create!  Pictures to follow in a day or two - after I give it away :)

10.  I saw Oprah's show tonight where she interviewed Stephanie and Christian Nielson.  If you aren't aware of their story, go to the Nie Nie Dialogues to read it.  Make sure you take tissues - I was crying (as were many others in the audience) as they were interviewed!   Stephanie is a burn survivor and one special lady.


  1. The cookies look delicious! You always make everything look so nice, fancy tins, beautiful decorating, wrapped up with bows. Some very special people are going to enjoy your holiday treats. And I'm glad you made friends with your rolling pin. Have you tried the Pampered Chef one? It's a one handed roller and works great for pie crusts, too.
    I miss you!

  2. You are definately one of the most creative people I know here in blogland. For not being friendly with the rolling pin, I'm not either!!, your cookies look perfect!!

  3. ooh i wanna have the fudge puddles recipe!!! They look awesome!
    I just love Nei Nei!!!!!

  4. The goodies you made look sooooo yummy!!!

  5. Wow, Crystal! You sure are ambitious with your Christmas cookies--they all look so tasty! I made the mistake of baking a batch at the beginning of December and they are long gone...We are enjoying cookies from my grandmother and my mom instead! XO