Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Sewing

I love the idea of new pyjamas for Christmas so I made bottoms and combined them with tshirts for our 4 girls (that includes our daughter-in-law too).  Fitting adult women is a bit more of a challenge than doing toddlers :)  So there are a few improvements to make for next time but for an attempt without any fitting at all, the results turned out okay.

And in true "Crystal form", I had more ideas and ambition than time so Helayna and Meadow's are still under construction!  Maybe for Ukrainian Christmas!

These will go with the Jillian Jiggs pig that Heather made for Helayna and Miss M will have a monkey pair (that will match her brother's blanket - she will think that's pretty cool, I'm guessing).  And I should get right to work on some other ideas I had that would be great for next year.  What do you think the chances are of that happening?!!


  1. Who doesn't like soft, new P.J.'s. What a great idea matching them with T's for tops. You rock!!

  2. Mine fit great!!! I've been wearing them this week and love how fuzzy and warm they are. It was a great Christmas present and I have two boys who would love their own pairs next year. ;)

  3. Fun! I have a few fabrics set aside for the same purpose, Crystal--and I agree about the fitting part. It's much easier whipping up a pair of bottoms for Victor that will look right than for Brian!

    I enjoyed your gratitude gifts post, too! Love all the pictures by the tree--especially the one of Heather's family! XO

  4. I love pj pants, especially if they're flannel.

  5. They look awesome! I LOVE jammies... Hmm, you are inspiring me to learn how to sew them myself. They look so comfy...