Saturday, December 05, 2009


The crossing guards at school brought in all their equipment after everyone had arrived and then went off to have a well-deserved hot chocolate before class!  And the blizzard rages on outside tonight!  It's snowed alot in the last 18 hours and now the wind is whipping it all up into snowdrifts.  Everything south of Edmonton is experiencing a winter blizzard tonight.


  1. We are having our first real snow of the season here--everything outside the window is white! And it's really coming down. I think our Advent workshop at church is going to be canceled...

    Hot chocolate sounds good right about now. XO

  2. brrrr!!! stay safe :)


  3. Welcome to the winter wonderland!! Is it feeling more Christmasy with all that snow? I hope it wasn't too bad and you were able to dig out the next day.