Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ten on Thursday

Thanks to Connie  for nominating me for this little award!  I was  very pleasantly surprised and will share the fun.  

Once the award is accepted, the nominee has to do the following:

•Thank the sender for nominating you.
•make sure you link to the person who nominated you.
•Copy the logo onto your blog
•List seven interesting things about yourself.
•Nominate Seven Kreative Bloggers
•Post links to their Blogs
•Leave a comment for each letting them know of their nomination.

So here are some random tidbits that you might not know about me:

1.  In the last 4 years we have travelled to 4 different continents.  Lucky, I know!

2.  When I first started babysitting, the going rate of pay was 25 cents per hour and 50 cents per hour after midnight.  How I hoped that the people would stay out late!

3.  Our girls took me to get my ears pierced for my 40th birthday.  

4.  The first time I ever painted walls was just a few weeks ago.  (Bob's mom has always been my go-to painter.)

5.  My china set is Old Country Roses by Royal Albert.  The very first piece I ever got was a teacup from my grandmother's estate after she died in 1967.  The set has been built piece by piece ever since then.  

6.  Working in a bookstore would be a dream job for me - and a constant source of spending my paycheque!

7.  I am a night owl, often starting projects like pickle making, sewing or creating after 10 p.m..

And 3 more just from me to make it fit with my 10 on Thursday project:

8. I don't know how to swim - but I can float in salt water!  That's not really a big accomplishment, is it?

9.  Fresh fruit is a big treat for me, especially watermelon, blueberries and cherries.  Pomegranates are a new favourite.

10. I love getting - and sending - mail.

I'm going to pass this award on to:








I hope you'll play along, my friends. 


  1. Fun, Crystal! I will be playing along later today! I love fresh fruit too, I have to say, especially cantaloupe melon. And guavas. And you are definitely a very lucky girl to have been to 4 continents in the past 4 years! It is lovely that we have been able to share the trips via your photos. Now i am off to be creative for the morning with friends.....

  2. hi; just found your blog; I like your gratitude lists; so many things to be thankful for, aren't there?

    loved the picture of the snow, somewhat miss that from our years living in Montana

    looking forward to getting to know you more

    (I had to laugh when you said you like pomegranates; the other day on the news here a truck had overturned and all its contents spilled on the freeway; yep tons of pomegranates; what a sight (and mess) to see)


  3. what a great list! i love reading tidbits about you. :)

  4. I LOVE your swim comment! That is classic! hee hee

  5. Congratulations, Crystal!

    We have yet to hire a babysitter--I have no idea what the rates are these days. I probably can't afford them. Thank goodness for Grandma.

    I envy your 'night-owl-ness.' I'm in bed by the time you're starting to think about making pickles...


  6. Hi there, Crystal! Wow, time slips up on me! Thank so much for nominating me for this's epecially nice because it's the second one I've gotten since I started this blog two months ago.
    I don't have any china. I have some "nice dishes" that are put aside and never used, but I never did start a collection of anything. I really probably should. I used to be a night owl, but now I'm "wore slap out" by 9:30! Age! it ain't for sissies.
    Congratulations to you on the award! Very well deserved!