Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sewing Projects

When we drew names for this year's Christmas gift exchange, the decision was that gifts had to be handmade or repurposed.   It quickly became evident to me that the person I was creating for would love a handmade quilt (having given away all 3 that she'd made herself!).  I already had a stack of cotton Christmas squares purchased a year ago in Pendleton, Oregon and so the decision to sew was  a very logical one.

I called a friend of a friend, spent a day with her -

came home with a stack of quilted squares -

and started sewing squares together -

and then rows of squares together -

and pretty soon I had a great big bunch of cloth on the side of machine -

and a beautiful Christmas rag quilt was sewn!!



Heather was absolutely surprised when she opened it on Christmas Day - and Silas cuddled right into it!

It was my very first quilt and it turned out just the way I hoped.  I called it "Wrapped In Love" and it really was inspired by Heather and her example of sewing for her sisters and brother.  And I agreed with her sentiment of "I really wanted to give it but I really wanted to keep it too!!"


  1. It turned out great. So now that you've done one would you be willing to make more? ;)
    You created the perfect gift for her. I know she will cherish this special keepsake from you.

  2. Oh so lovely and I love the name. You wrap everything you do in love, Crystal.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! What a wonderful gift.

  4. What a Gorgeous Quilt Crystal! The name is perfect too.

  5. So awesome! I bet she loved it!!!

  6. Lovely, Crystal! I really like that your exchange gifts had to be handmade or repurposed. Great idea!

    You did a wonderful job! XO

  7. I love it so much, Mom! I'm sitting here wrapped up in it right now. I still can't believe you made it for me and I love that Bonnie helped you. I am so blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  8. Great job on the quilt, and it looks like a very cherished gift!

  9. Wow Crystal! Beautiful!! I'm not surprised that she loved it. Now you'll have to make one for yourself!