Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Gratitude Gifts Today

I am grateful for these things today:

- white baby mums in a vase on my table

- mashed potatoes and gravy

- children's artwork and their concentration to complete it

- sculpted snowbanks

- pictures printed immediately

- Christmas music sung in beautiful harmony, with heartfelt emotions

- the warmth of the sun

- mailing letters and small packages

- Christmas stories and plays

- a rapt audience for story time

- the opportunity to give a ride

- full moon rising over the snow

- the furnace blowing warm air through the house

- little piles of Christmas presents rising

- Christmas cookies and squares

- lights turned down low as a play is presented

- poinsettias blooming

- a found camera cord (Thanks, Meadow!)

- candlelight


  1. beautiful snowy photos! love reading your gratitude list and peeking into your heart.

  2. Beautiful list--it truly captures the holiday spirit. XO