Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fair Judging

There were lots of fruit, vegetable and flower entries at a county fair where I judged today. It's always so nice to see the best examples displayed beautifully.

And the handicrafts that were shown were exquisite. The third quilt from the right was given a "best of show" ribbon. I could have taken it home with me - it was exactly the colors I love! My area of responsibility was the junior crafts section. I only judge a couple of fairs each year but I really do enjoy it. There are so many talented artisans and dedicated producers creating beautiful things out there!

This set was my favourite of all the paintings. Again the colors are so beautiful and the paint had lovely dimensions that added incredible texture to the piece. I'd love to hang these in my home every spring!!

I'm always inspired when I spend a day looking at other's projects!


  1. Wow!!! There were some gorgerous things at the fair. The paintings are beautiful. How was the judging part?

  2. That painting is gorgeous! I love it!