Monday, August 31, 2009

Gratitude Gifts Today

As this month ends, I am grateful for:

- vacations

- sun shining

- quiet, unhurried mornings

- walking through an old growth cedar forest and feeling the coolness of the forest, on an otherwise very hot day

- Silas' blossoming interest in walking and moving around

- a son-in-law intent on capturing the delight of his son and daughter

- animals that are available for little ones to connect with

- sharing moments of discovery with our grandchildren

- yummy ice cream, melting and mouth-watering

- the fearlessness of a boy, no matter his age

- traveling safely on busy roads

- chances to sit on a tractor, which makes a certain little girl so, so happy

- peaches picked from the tree

- slices of poppyseed ring

- remembering my grandparents

- quiet evenings talking with my parents as the sun goes down

- a bed and breakfast stay, up in the hills, away from the hustle and bustle and crowds of downtown

- sitting on the deck as night approaches and the light wanes

holy experience


  1. It looks like you're having way too much fun out there. Thanks for the pictures. This is a great list and I am grateful for so many of these things as well. Loving ice cream during these hot NY days.

  2. we had such a good time, didn't we?! it went by way too fast though... i'm still wishing we were there.