Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ten on Thursday

1. On Sunday, Bob, Jonathan and Clarence hiked Sparrowhawk, near Canmore.

They got up over 10,000 feet, I think - looks like the top of the world!

And you could see a very long way!

2. Have you noticed how many moths and bugs there are outside after dark these days? They're everywhere!!

3. We took Silas and Helayna to the park near their new home - and they had a ball, especially when Grampa joined in the fun.

4. The beets in my garden are doing great so today I made Beet Hummus. It's a beautiful red color and mild tasting - perfect on crackers or bread. I'll be making it again!

5. I have the most horrible cold! It started as a sinus cold yesterday but moved down to my chest overnight. I'm trying to shake it but all I want to do is curl up in bed!

6. Today at A Holy Experience, Ann shares some homeschooling online sites that she uses with her family. I looked at a couple of them - and really like Today's Pictures - The Last 24 Hours in Pictures. Great for geography and social studies!

7. I made a plum-peach-raspberry crisp for supper tonight. I love all the colors - and tastes - of summer fruit.

8. It snowed in Labrador today!! Does that mean it's coming here next?!?!?!

9. At one point today, our kitchen table was covered with paperwork. I had so many things on the go and I was feeling quite overwhelmed. Thankfully I was able to prioritize, stacked some away for tomorrow and got to the bottom of the must-do list. Does that ever happen to you??

10. These beautiful flowers are from Naomi's garden. She has so many lilies in all sorts of colors. I'm always thankful when she sends home a vase full for me :))


  1. Ah, garden treats and beauty. I'm sure the beet hummus tastes great, but I'll trust you on that one. ;)

    I'm glad there's a park near H&J for Helayna and Silas. I'm sure they'll use it often. Grandpa looks like he's having fun, too. Pretty soon we'll be taking Samuel to the park to try out the swings.

    I definitely understand the overwhelming amount of paperwork and the long "to do" list. I've had to revamp my expectations of what gets accomplished in a day. Glad you got done all that you wanted to.

  2. yep that does happen to me!!! Last night! Love the flowers. They look awesome!!

  3. I planted lilies this year too - the scent was wonderful! There will be more going in next year, I am sure.
    I also looked through the homeschooling daily sites at Ann's place,and they are amazing, no matter what your age is. Like Bev, at Grits, it is great to keep learning, and to try to fill in all those gaps which keep appearing in my knowledge. Things I USED to know!

  4. The hummus sounds wonderful!!

    I like the organization of putting the must "do's" in two stacks and setting the one aside. I do think we get overwhelmed with the "too much".

  5. huh, beet hummus. Who'd have thought? I have never been a big beet fan, having been force-fed borscht at an early age by a well meaning Ukrainian grandparent, but this I'll have to try! Thanks for sharing. Hope that cold goes away!!!