Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ten on Thursday- and Last Chance!

1. It's really starting to look like the end of summer around here. The grain crops are beginning to ripen and the contrast between them and the greens of still growing grass and trees makes the landscape so beautiful. And our mayday tree is already sporting a few yellow leaves. Kind of sad to see summer ending already.

2. Helayna gives wonderful big hugs and lip-smacking kisses that make us smile so, so much!

3. Did you hear about the big storm that ripped through Central Park in New York City this week? All kinds of trees were broken off or pulled out of the ground. One of the park managers said that it's the worst storm he's seen in 30+ years of working in the park.

We've watched Point Pleasant Park in Halifax and Stanley Park in Vancouver be ravaged by vicious storms - and now Central Park! What is with these beautiful places being hit after we visit them??!?!?!

4. The packed boxes are mounting as Heather and Jonathan prepare to move this weekend.

5. Meadow, Blake and Naomi surprised us with a little afternoon visit yesterday. Meadow wanted a ride in the tractor so she came along while I cut 2 loads of silage. It was marvelous to have her hang out with me for a little while!! They are enjoying the lake this week - swimming, water skiing, fishing - lots of fun, especially if you are 3 years old!!

6. Two batches of raspberry jam this week and I have a lovely little collection of jars for my canning shelf! I decided to make the cooked jam this year (instead of freezer jam) so it would be easier to share :))

7. For a journalling and scrapbook challenge this week, visit Stacy Julian's blog and take on her Accomplish Something Everyday assignment. What are your top 5 things to do daily? What absolutely must happen for you every single day? I've been thinking about mine and have a few pictures taken to document the layout about which I'm thinking. I'm curious to know what would be on your list!

8. This little one loved this zucchini! He pulled it in and out of his mouth, humming and having a great time! He didn't actually eat any but had a good time with it.

9. If you are one of my teacher friends (or you have kids returning to school), you have 1/6th of your summer to still enjoy!!

10. It's the last chance to take a guess and enter my NYC places contest.



I'll draw a winner over the weekend so you have until Sunday night at 6 p.m. to post a guess here. Be brave - I know you have an idea and that you are out there reading this :))


  1. are you looking for people to guess those spots?? the top one is ground zero (i think). bottom - don't know

  2. I have not got a clue because I have never been there! Great list as always, Crystal, and I love the photo of you and Helayna. Stunning! I have been watching the farmers here cutting and baling the grass for the animals in the winter....this is a rural cimmunity so it is going on all over th eplace. The one thing which has fascinated me is how they cut the grass on the side of of the Alps, and unbelievable angles. They must have arms of steel!

  3. Wow, Crystal, your summer went quick. We are in a heat wave here--the first of the summer, it seems. And, no, I didn't hear about the storm in Central Park, but we've had some whopper storms lately.

    I think I'll look into that Accomplish Something assignment. Maybe it's the lazy summer days, but I don't seem to be productive AT ALL!

    I'm going to guess that #2 is Tiffany's. #1, I'm not sure.

    Last night we watched a program on Banff and Jasper. Oooh, I'd love to visit there. Maybe someday for a big family vacation. And of course, that includes a stop to your place, too!


  4. It's funny that the calendar shows it's the end of summer, but really NY is just starting to heat up. Wow, there's been a heat wave here all week and so much humidity. Tyler is soaked by the time he gets home in the evening. The subway stations are awful. It's much worse than when you were here. I walked outside yesterday at five and it felt like I ran into a wall. It was a stark contrast to inside.

    Happy packing and moving. I'm glad you're there to help out with it all, and have lots of fun with Helayna and Silas.

    I was thinking about Dreberts yesterday. I've hardly seen any photos of Blake. How's he doing?

    Can I guess? I feel like I might be cheating, although the second one I'm not totally sure of. Here's my guess: 1) Ground Zero 2)Tiffany's.

  5. Just spoke with a friend of mine and would like to change my answer for #2. We're guessing Macy's not Tiffany's. If I win I'll definitely credit it to her. ;)