Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy 77th Birthday to my Dad today!
This is one of the very earliest pictures I have of him -
more stories waiting to be recorded right here!!

with Heather, before she was a year old

A farmer, through and through, for his whole life.

He has wonderful rapport with each of his grandchildren,
enjoying their company on every occasion.

He is so interested in learning more by experiencing things and reading avidly.
Agriculture is definitely his passion! Here my sister captured him examining the grapes
in a Nova Scotian vineyard.

Our lives have been richly blessed by his presence, his wisdom and his love.


  1. Happy B-Day to your pappa!

  2. These photos are wonderful, Mom. I've never seen the one of Grandpa riding the bike or the one of him in NS checking out grapes. Thanks for sharing them.
    We have been so blessed to have all four of our grandparents alive and such a strong and important part of our lives. I miss them lots.

  3. Great photos - thanks for sharing them! I love that one of him and I. :)

    Did you celebrate with them this year? I phoned on Sunday and Monday but didn't' talk to anyone either time.