Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ten on Thursday

1. For the first time in many years, I made dill pickles this week! Only 2 jars mind you, but it's a start!

2. Dayspring, a division of Hallmark cards, that specializes in Christian cards and merchandise has launched a new blog featuring some amazing Christian women. Check out (in)Courage and have your heart lifted up!

3. I love leaving the library with a stack of new books and magazines to read! I had to return some books today and couldn't resist a few new ones, even though I have so many other things to do these days.

4. I picked all the zucchini in the garden and made a batch of relish. I love that smell of vinegar and spices, simmering together. And of course there's more zucchini growing back already!

5. What's up with the weather??? The high for tomorrow is a paltry +13 degrees Celsius! Looks like summer might be over here.

6. Here are some of the bags that went into the freezer yesterday - saskatoons, snap pea pods, and green and yellow beans. We won't starve this winter :))

7. Silaging is also on the agenda around here these days. Going from these beautiful tall stalks of barley -

to a whole bunch of activity on the field -

chopper picking it up and spitting out little pieces -

hauled to the yard and pressed into a long white bag or into a pit to provide winter feed for the cattle.

8. Becky shared these tips from Martha Stewart today - good reminders, I think.

9. With that, I must now return to my regular programming - dealing with these beauties! My friend (thanks, S!) and I went to a u-pick farm today and came away with 10 pails of strawberries. Two of mine are already cut up and in the freezer - I'm nearly half done! We are so blessed to have this abundance of delicious food to enjoy now and throughout the winter!

10. Question of the day - what's your favourite way to eat fresh strawberries? I like them so many ways but sliced with brown sugar and cream is right near the top of the list for me. But then there's strawberry shortcake where the cake is a sweet biscuit - yum! Be sure to share your fave - I might have a little prize to share with someone ;0)


  1. i loooove them fresh with a little white sugar and cream. mmmm. i also love a fresh fruit salad..mmm this is making me want some strawberries! :)

  2. Great list today, Mom!! The harvesting pictures are awesome. Great colour and lighting.

    My favourite way to eat strawberries is on top of vanilla ice cream.

    Tyler's favourite is strawberry shortcake.

    Does that count as two entries? ;)

  3. I like them the same as you - brown sugar and cream! YUM!

    I was wondering if I could come up in September and help you do some stuff and maybe sneak some for our freezer too. ;)

    You've been so busy! You are so inspiring to me!

  4. ONLY 2 jars? LOL! That's 2 more than I've done!

    There are a few u-pick 'em farms around our area, too. People drive all way from Dallas to come get fresh veggies!

    Dunk those strwberries in some white chocolate...yum!

  5. Silage chopping going on here too -- some triticale, some alfalfa, and there is rumor of some bypassed sweet corn acres (the veg. company decided they didn't need or couldn't use it as sweet corn). Dairy forage corn chopping should be starting up in a couple of weeks, max... harvest season is on!
    And I like strawberries just plain... or dipped in chocolate if I'm feeling rich.