Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Time to announce some winners!

First, the two pictures of famous landmarks in New York City are -

#1 - Ground Zero -

marked by cranes, a tall board fence and lots of rebuilding.

The flag waving outside of -

Tiffany's on Wall Street!

We didn't go inside but there were lots of people peering in the windows and snapping pictures outside!

Melinda was the only one who got both of them right but she has a bit of an advantage, with living there! So I randomly drew a winner, from the rest of the entries who all had at least one location right and it was:

Lisa Marie said...
Oh oh, is #1 the Twin Towers site and #2 is the Subway???? Sure looks familiar. Isn't NYC fun!

But no - it's not the subway, my dear. I didn't see anything even remotely resembling that down in the subway stations that we went through.

For the drawing on your favourite way to eat strawberries, the winner is :

Heather M. said...
I like them the same as you - brown sugar and cream! YUM!

I'll get those little treat packages ready and mail them off soon. (And Mel, watch your mailbox - just because you're a great tour guide!) Thanks for playing along with me, everyone!!


  1. That was fun!! I loved touring you around I just wish we could have done more. Next time we'll or you guys will have to go to a show, over to the Statue of Liberty and the UN building.

    As neat as this city is I was missing home and wide open spaces today. I could not find a place to nurse this afternoon and had to trek 8 blocks to get to a park with a bench. Samuel is such a trooper and doing so great with all this craziness. What an experience for both of us.

    I bought some strawberries at the market yesterday and froze some. Even if we just use them for smoothies or pancakes in the winter it'll be nice to them. Enjoy all that garden freshness!

  2. You have got to be kidding!! I won something! Wow, how fun. Thanks Crystal. I just booked our Hotel tonite for our Fall trip to NYC. The girls are getting so excited to go with us this time.