Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We've had some great times together with these little ones in the last few days.

Silas cleared out the whole bottom shelf of the fridge while Heather was packing everything into coolers. He was so proud of himself - with a big smile every time he pulled out another bottle!

He is such a boy! Everything with wheels fascinates him and he was quite excited to ride on his sister's little car.

Helayna is in charge of watering the flowerpots on the deck - and she does a great job too!

Swimming lessons for Meadow, who is getting so comfortable in the water, this week.

And Blake has grown so much already!

It's been a real treat to spend time with all four of them lately! And we miss you so much, Samuel!! XOXOXOX


  1. aw. What fun!! It's wonderful you get to be in their lives so much!!

  2. we are so grateful for you and the time you spend with us! such cute photos!

  3. I miss you, too, Gramma!! It would be so fun to be in Alberta playing with my cousins, aunts and uncles and of course you and Grampa. I do love looking at pictures of Helayna, Silas, Meadow and Blake. Is it really cold in Alberta? Why is Blake wearing a toque and jacket?
    Come visit again soon. I hope I get to come to Alberta after Christmas and meet everyone.
    Love you lots.
    Hugs and kisses, Samuel.

  4. HOW....FUN...! What great grandchildren you have.