Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I had a delicious pumpkin scone from Starbucks on my way home tonight.  I must try baking some of these soon.  And my usual grande' chai latte' was the perfect complement.

2.  Congratulations to Linds!!  Her brand new baby granddaughter arrived safely today.  And she wrote a wonderful letter to "The Bump" just hours before she arrived.  Be sure to have tissues handy if you go to read it - it's so, so sweet. 

3.  I'm just getting a special book ready to send off as part of a children's book swap and I have another swap in the works too.  I love sharing good reads with others.  

4.  Speaking of books, our book club selection for next month is The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.  I've already read it but I should probably skim it to refresh my memory. 

5.  These beauties are gracing my table today.  It's a sure sign that spring is somewhere in the not too distant future. 

6.  And another sign that spring is coming - the sun set at 5:48 p.m. tonight and the sunset colors were still visible at 6:30.  A huge improvement over the 4:30 darkness of December!

7.  Big item on the news today is the upcoming visit of US President Obama to Canada later this week.

8.  My friend, DonaMae, hosted our book club gathering last night where we discussed Those Who Save Us, the story of a German mother and daughter who survived WWII.  For snacks she served her delicious spinach dip inside a bread loaf and the loveliest European baked breads, cakes and cookies!  It's the first time we've had themed food to accompany our book.  And one of the participants said that reading about all the foods in the book made her mouth water!!  In the book, the mother works in a bakery in Germany where she makes Stollen, Sachertorte, buns and other baked goods.

9.  On the menu at our house this week are Moose Roast, Baked Salmon, Leek Soup and Pita Pizzas.

10.  The frosty picture in my blog header was taken this weekend and is the view out of my kitchen window.  


  1. Oh my, I was momentarily in shock when I read you were having Moose for dinner. Then I realized some Aussies actually eat kangaroo over here.

    So, Linds now joins you in the wonderful granny brigade - how much fun is she going to have? What a blessing.

  2. The frosty picture is pretty, but I'm glad it's there and not here!!!

  3. The book sounds very interesting. I'll have to check for it in the library.
    I'm off to have a pumpkin scone this afternoon at our tea party. They are so delicious! We'll have to find the recipe.
    We are also thrilled to have longer days. Tyler was home last night and had gone for a run before the sunset. That's a first since we moved here. What a treat!
    Enjoy your busy week. Thanks for sharing. Oh, congratulations to Linds. I'm sure you two will have lots to talk about as grandmas. ;)