Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Here are the week #9 layouts from the Design Your Life class.  Our assignment was to "Walk the Line" (remember Johnny Cash and June Carter singing this?!), using one of the elements of design (line).  

Assignment #1 - Create a layout featuring line and shape, using intersecting lines.  The pictures of Heather were taken in 2004 and have been on my desk for a very long time!

Assignment #2 - Create a 2 page layout featuring line.  The photos are all of Helayna, taken in 2007, within about 15 minutes!  Yeah for getting 9 pictures on this LO!

Real Life Color - Use orange and green ( changed it to blue!) in different hues.  The background was created using strips of patterned paper from the same line.  This picture actually has no blue in it but I like how it works with the papers.

Along with learning so many things, it's been extra fun to use so many of the things I have in my studio.  Whether it's patterned paper, pictures or embellishments, I'm thrilled to have them on my layouts.  And, sad to say, you can hardly notice that I've used anything - there's still alot left!!


  1. Beautiful! So many great ideas. I love the strips of co-ordinating paper in the last one, Crystal! That photo works very well with the colours.

  2. Love them! I have to try the patterned paper strips. It looks so great and I noticed you inked the edges of each strip. Some new techniques for me to try next week when I pull out the supplies. I might have to call a few times when I'm stuck. ;)

  3. i love all your creations but i think the last one is my fav. i love how you made the background with all that paper.

  4. I just love the compliment you paid your best friend, confidant and sister in the last one. My fav so far.

  5. You are a true inspiration! I'm with Heather, my favorite is the last one. I'm so envious of you...I just can't get it into my head to use more than one kind of patterned paper on my layouts!!!!

  6. I have to say you really inspired me today. I went to the lss and picked up a bunch of different patterned paper and plan on using more than one on my next layouts!! Thanks so much for posting your creations. :)