Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Year Ago Project

Mid-morning, we boarded the boat and left the EcoPark Lodge -

cruised down and across the river, which was pretty low (according to the locals).  During high water season in June, the water would be 10 or more feet higher!  

The homes and businesses on the water were on floating docks so they could rise with the water and survive!  This little restaurant was close to our lodge.

Once we were on the main river, beautiful homes with lush grounds could be seen - 

and more humble homes were evident too.  The Amazon is truly an amazing river and we were thrilled to experience one little part of it.  

At the Manaus airport, we had time to grab a bite to eat - 

at this fine place!  Good thing the menu items were numbered and we could communicate our orders that way.

Our next destination was Brasilia, the capital city, a four hour flight from Manaus. ( Brazil is a huge country!)    Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this city was planned in 1956 with construction completed in 1960.  In a period of 41 months, the whole city was built and the government center was moved from Rio de Janiero.  This move had been approved in 1891 but with changes in government, nothing was done until Kubitschek (who became the president) made building it an election promise.  It's mind boggling to think how so many buildings and so much infrastructure could be built in such a short time!

Now 2.5 million people live in this city which has the shape of an airplane, although the original architect intended it to look like a cross.  

This museum had a city model and you can see the wing effect.  Where the wings meet, down the center is a transportation and communication boulevard that runs from one end of the city to the other.  The main government buildings are located in the front center.  I'll show you more pictures of the city when we return in a few days. 

We arrived in the evening and the next morning these were the views we had of the hotel district from our balcony. 

We were right beside the main transportation boulevard and you can see some of the overpasses.  

Brasilia is a modern, bustling city located quite near to the geographic  center of the country, which is why the capital was moved here.  Most people who work in the city live further out in suburbs and must be bussed in for work.

And this was a common site during our trip!!  Many suitcases shuttling in and out of the bus!

Our first day in the city was just an overnight stop as we left for part 1 of our farm tour the next day.  Stay tuned for a long bus ride and a visit to a farm machinery dealership tomorrow.


  1. It's great to see more photos of Brasilia. I remember you and Dad telling us about it, but I don't remember seeing many photos.
    I love the photos along the Amazon. I'm sure there's so much more you'd like to go back and explore.

  2. The city model at the museum shows a lot of land outside the city . I wonder if they are a growing city? I might just go and Google it.