Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This week it's the tenth class of Design Your life and the focus was on COLOR!  

Assignment #1 - Find 4 colors in your photos and then narrow it down to find a color scheme that works.  The colors in these pictures were really dark but I worked with them to create something that I quite like!

Assignment #2 - Use your favourite color and then create with a triadic color scheme.   Part 2 was to use a title that 'skips the ditch' - or goes over the center divide between the pages, in layman's terms.   I modified the plan and used only 2 colors, which are really not typical ones for a winter LO.   I needed 3 small pictures for the LH page but only had 2 so I cut one photo into 2 pieces, which makes it look like 3 seperate photos.   And - the very LH photo was supposed to be 5 X 7 so I matted the whole column to make it look larger.  Clever tricks to remember - and use again, I think!

Assignment #3 - Use the 'find 4' colour method to find patterned papers.  This photo was left over from the previous LO (taken on the same day but no cones in it!) so it was perfect for a one photo layout.  The rounded corners on the big mat make me happy :)  and the stitching adds texture.  I remember the first time I stitched on an actual picture - I was so nervous but I love doing it now!  I wish I'd printed more of these gratitude journal pages because I could create a whole mini-album with them.  I might have to re-create it on my own.

Only 2 weeks to go!  It's been just a wonderful way to create and learn more at the same time.


  1. Oh, Mom, they're so good. I love the last one with the stitching. I need a sewing machine. I found some of those exact same pictures and have them set aside as ones to work on this week. We'll see what I come up with. Thanks for sharing. I have lots of ideas from you and Heather these days.

  2. They really are superb. I love sewign on paper too. The last one...where did you get the gratitude mat? Did you make that?