Saturday, February 28, 2009


I just realized that my last post was #900!!  That's kind of amazing!  I've found 900 different times that I had something to write about and put out there to share.  Now I have a record of those thoughts and I can go back and read them whenever I want.   Such good stuff on this amazing internet.  Ten years ago who would have thought this was possible?!

So in honour of this milestone in my blogging life, I have a giveaway to share with someone.  How about some chocolate, some scrapbooking treats, a good book and lots of color to celebrate?  Leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner on Monday night (March 2nd).  

Happy Weekend!


  1. Woohoo!!!!! 900! Amazing! I am on 858 I think, and 1000 may well be here for both of us before too long!
    You are right. This is a wonderful place to be at the moment. Who would have thought....

  2. Wow!! 900 posts!! That's amazing:) I have to say I'm in awe of all of the things you share on your blog, recipes, good books, pictures of your family, pictures of all the great-looking food you make each week, creative thoughts and ideas, etc...! From reading your blog, I'd say you have a very fulfilling and rewarding life and you use your time very well!! Way to go:)

  3. WOW 900 posts! That is amazing!! I finally just figured out how to check how many posts I have and I am a long way off of 900! :o) I have really enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for taking the time to read mine and always comment and post words of encouragement! Thanks for sharing, encouraging and inspiring!! Yay for Blogs!

  4. Congratulations on your 900th!!!!
    I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to the next 900.

  5. Wow 900!!!! I thought I was doing well to get to 500. Yes, it is so wonderful to make all the friends we make and then have the record for our own enjoyment and hopefully for our children and grandchildren too!! Congrats on 900 and I'd love to have my name in your hat for the drawing.

  6. WOW! Crystal has it really been that many! Thats incredible! You know I love your blog and all that you share, especially your trip pictures :)
    I'd love some more chocolate!!

  7. Bonjour Cristal, mon cher ami. Neuf cent postes, wow! Comme bien d'autres avant moi l'ont déjà dit - Un chiffre impressionnant! Comme les autres, j'ai aimé lire vos messages (j'ai lu près de 300 d'entre eux - impressionné?) Ok, passons à la ligne du bas - nous? Je suis un Chocoholic et un album souhaitez - être.Et je donne un aller anglaise - et le traducteur est - je ne sais Bonjour.

    Well, I do hope that I have not been jibbering on. Just in case - may I say

    and lots of cheeky smiles coming your way (this is clearly the ranting of a chocolate deprived follower ;))

  8. Well this is a cause for celebration! Keep on typin'!!

  9. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Congrats on your 900 Posts Crystal. I love to read your blog, it's always good something for me to smile about...
    Keep on blogging Crystal, it's been a pleasure getting to know you and your growing grandchildren.
    There sure are cute!! And, lucky Grandma, another one on the way...
    Sassy Sandra

  10. 900 posts already?! You've had lots to share with us over the last few years. I agree that having the internet and all these options is way more than I could have imagined ten years ago. I'm so thankful for the blogs, websites and email that we have these days. I'd miss out on so much without it. Keep posting!! ;)

  11. Wow 900 posts! That's awesome!!! You always have neat things to share with us faithful readers; fabulous pictures of your adventures, your family and very cute grandkids. Plus your inspiring scrapbook layouts. Thanks for sharing.

    The web is truly a wonderful thing :)

  12. So, after the statement = I am a choholic - it should read - et je tiens à la ferraille livre. Je pense que certainement fait de moi un grand candidat pour le prix.

    Do you see how much effort I have put into this response? Merci.

    P.S I am so glad that my comment came after Linds or she would just call me a Google translator junkie ;)

  13. What is a choholic - you might well ask? It is a chocoholic without the calories.


    HOPE SO!

  14. Congrats on your 900th Crystal.... I love reading your blog and LOVE the pictures...keep 'em coming.

  15. esther2:20 PM

    Congratulations! A reason for a party and I'm in.

  16. I went and added up all the posts I've done between my 4 blogs and I'm at 923. LOL! However, on my main blog I'm just over 200 so I still have a ways to go to catch you.

    I love reading your blog. I'm so glad you started and share so much! It's such a good way to keep in touch and see what's happening in your life.

    Love you!