Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Wonderful news at the Edwards' household today!  Anna Caroline has arrived safely and is being adored by her mama  Ali, daddy Chris and big brother Simon.  I can just imagine the scrapbook layouts that are going to feature her :))

2.  I heard a report today that compared the cost of food in different cities across Canada.  Most astonishing was that 5 apples cost $1.95 in Edmonton and $5.25 in Calgary!!!!!!  The 2 cities are in the same province and only 3 hours away from each other.  My word!!  Something is wrong with a system that tolerates these kinds of difference.    Can you imagine what the difference would be on a full grocery cart?

3.  I spent a little time at Chapters bookstore tonight trying to pick out my favourite children's book.  I couldn't decide!!  There are just so many that I love.  I finally settled on Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Marten and Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon.  You knew I wouldn't be able to pick just one, right?!!

4.  Do you use Fair Trade coffee, tea and hot chocolate?  I bought some Kicking Horse "Kootenay Crossing" beans and I'd like to continue drinking those products.  Can anyone recommend some Fair Trade tea?

5.  It's Air Band time at my old school and I think I might have to stay for the competition on Friday afternoon.  The kids are so excited - and the teachers are even working up a number.  Should be fun!!

6.  I saw a few spring clothes for kids today.  Brightly colored rubber boots, splash pants and little dress coats.  Oh, my - they were so cute!!

7.  I cooked the last of our spaghetti squash today.  It's going to be a long wait until there are more ready!  

8.  I'm thinking that these might be the cookies I bake with the granddaughters this week.    

9.  The very talented Christi Snow is writing a weekly Exercise In Creativity that really is fun to do.   Even if you aren't a paper crafter, I'm sure you'll still find something to stimulate your thinking and doing each week.  I'm hoping to get deeper into these soon. 

10.  I did a little sewing that's on its way to New York City.  I hope Tyler gets lots of use out of his  new lunch bags - one for every day of the week!


  1. Good heavens. I read this, then popped over to check out your links and half an hour later I was linked to the nth degree. I have no idea how many blog hops I did, and then forgot to leave my friend a comment! Great list as always, Crystal. You are keeping very busy!
    On a completely random note, I have no idea what got into me this morning, but I have all the lounge curtains soaking. I think I may have lost my mind. It is not spring yet, but the cleaning bug has struck! I am off to prod the washing...

  2. #2 - There is plenty wrong with our world and getting worse by the day. God help us.

  3. I watched that clip about food prices, too. Crazy!! It's not much better here in NY.
    I know Tyler's going to love the lunch bags. Thanks for doing them.
    About the fair trade tea - have you seen any Just Us. I know they make some teas and I think one of them is chai. I'll keep my eyes open for others I might see around here. Have fun making cookies, especially decorating.

  4. Wow, why do we live in Calgary!?!?! That's totally crazy!

    Love the lunch bags - you must have been busy!

    So happy for Ali and her family! I'm so excited to see girl layouts from her.

  5. Okay, those lunch bags are great!! You need to post the pattern. LOVE it!!