Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's Get Inspired

My scrapbook studio has been a rather empty place this week but tonight I'm trying to finish a layout that I've been stalled on for awhile.  I've got the pictures chosen and all ready but I need to do some computer type work - and I've been putting it off big time!  I have decided that this layout will be finished before I can go to bed tonight so that I can take a picture of it in the daylight and show it to you.  Keep your fingers crossed that I won't be up all night!!

Exercise Your Creativity with Christi Snow at Altered Ambitions is based all around chocolate this week!  Now what's not to love about that idea?!!  It sounds delicious and I'm feeling inspired to create something in the kitchen tomorrow as well as keep my eyes open for 'chocolate' photo ops this week.  Christi found some yummy goodness over at Etsy so I had to go and look too.  Check these out!

           Luxe Letters by SheaChic Designs

baby booties by FunkeyMonkeyy

         baby bracelet by Glitterbugboutique

      kimono baby jacket by Bulalla

I hope your week is filled with creativity and beautiful things!


  1. Chocolate? Yes please. Or was it the colour chocolate? Are you allowed to nibble on some favourite chocolate whilst scrapping?

    Don't stay up too late now ;)

  2. Oh, I love the letters. That would be a great decoration in the baby's room. I've started to think about what needs to go in there. It's all cleaned up and ready for some work.

  3. Those letters are totally cute... Hmmm, may have to do something similar in Bella's room. But not with chocolate - her motif is toile. Thanks for sharing!! I am feeling a project coming on...