Thursday, February 12, 2009


It was a nice sunny day yesterday so Meadow and I went out to do a little skating on the rink her Dad's made in the yard.  It is so cute to see her with the  tiny skates (size 6) and big helmet on - and going all over that rink!  

Her balance is so amazing and her little feet stay so straight

as she races from one end to the other!

The pail is her companion but she ventures away from it quite a bit too.

Of course she finds all kinds of ways to be goofy

including thinking that skating without mitts would be fun.  That lasted about 2 minutes and she started wondering why her fingers were hurting!

But the most fun of all is pretending she's a baby, laying on the ice while Gramma tries to stand her up!  Her imagination is seriously in overdrive these days!  All told we were outside for about an hour and a half and she was definitely tuckered out and ready to nap when we went inside.  


  1. It is like being in wonderland at your place - what a wonderful, joyful, memorably childhood you are helping to create in your grand children's minds. You have captured some beautiful moments.

    Too much fun - love it!

  2. What precious pictures and special time for grand daughter and grand mother.

  3. I should imagine Gramma was also ready for a nap too!

    What beautiful pictures, Crystal, and as Mary said, what wonderful memories you are making for her one day!

  4. How Fun! Looks like you had a perfect day for skating too!

  5. Yeah for sunny days and time outside. She's one busy and creative girl. Were we skating this young? I'm so impressed with her ability and eagerness to skate. Did Gramma have her skates on? ;)

  6. That was a good question from Melinda. Did you have your skates on? Do you skate? I can stay up, go forward (in one direction) but need a wall (a solid wall) to stop ;)