Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  So very sad to hear that this magazine will no longer be published after the May/June issue.

I have always loved it and in every issue there was inspiration and ideas galore.  I'm sad that it's going but hopefully some bits and pieces will live on in Creating Keepsakes magazine, a sister publication.  The Simple Scrapbooks blog is still going for now.   

2.    The sweetest sound ever is hearing Meadow read stories while she's in her car seat.  Today it was "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" and she made all the sounds as she turned the pages.

3.    I love mailing packages to family and friends - and I know the Canada Post offices in our local communities very well!

4.   Heather and Helayna called the other day and after I chatted with Helayna for a bit, I asked her if I could speak to Mommy.  In the clearest little voice, her response was "No, Gramma, I'm talking to you now."  So much for my request :))

5.   This little one was so funny today when she put my boots on instead of hers.  She started giggling and being very goofy.

6.  And she was carrying her doll around this morning and telling me "Avery is frus-trated." It was so funny!   I asked why and she explained that her Mommy, Auntie Anne (which is what she calls herself)  wouldn't give her any more milk and so she was frus-trated.  I wonder who else wishes her mom would give her more milk!!  It's a middle of the night request that Meadow makes sometimes too.

7.    Silas got a haircut and he looks so sweet.  But unfortunately I don't have a picture to show you - I'll see if I can get one from Heather.    

8.   If you are Canadian, have you been watching "The Week The Women Went Away" on CBC on Wednesday nights?  It's set in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia and it's very entertaining.  Of course it's a TV show but I like the basic premise that the women go away and the men try to handle everything for a week.  

9.   Meadow and I had fun punching, gluing and stapling heart shapes today.  She's hoping to go down to the post office tomorrow to mail some envelopes :))

10.    If you like sewing and new fabric, you should visit Anna Maria Horner.  Her little studio is being renovated and she's still shipping out beautiful fabrics.  


  1. Children are such a delight.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day at the Drebert's. Meadow is so cute and so funny. I miss them so much.
    I'm sad to hear that Simple Scrapbooks is ending their publication as well. It's my fav of all the scrapping magazines. Maybe because it's the most like what I do.
    Can't wait to see Silas's new cute. He is too cute. Counting down the days until March 20!!