Sunday, February 08, 2009

85 Years of Living

Bob's uncle celebrated his 85th birthday today and I was thinking just how amazing that is!  He still lives on the farm, drives everywhere, chops wood for their wood heater, goes to his grandsons hockey games, and loves to play cards.  They live very close to us and we are lucky to see them often.  

They do so much visiting and have a large circle of friends and family who were happy to celebrate with him today.  God has been very good to them and we pray that good health and independence will be their blessings this year.

Here are some of the important headlines of 1923 -
- Time Magazine was first published
- Lenin retired from the Communist Party chair after having his 3rd stroke
- Mt. Etna in Italy erupted, leaving 60,000 people homeless
 - The Walt Disney Company was founded
 - Interpol was established
- Foster Hewitt announed his first hockey game
- Banting and Best received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their discovery of insulin

Pretty amazing to think that these things happened 85 years ago!!


  1. What a great testimony. I am racking my brains to try and work out who he reminds me of - I have so convinced myself I know him or of him. Is he famous?

  2. He looks great!!!

  3. It's amazing that all those things happened not that long ago. I'm sure he has some incredible stories to tell about all he's seen change in his community and world in the last 85 years. Glad you were there to celebrate and capture this special day.

  4. He looks great! 85 and still that active....God is good!

  5. Happy Birthday to Bob's uncle! My Dad would have been 85 in April. How blessed you are to have him close by!