Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's been a marvelous few days with visits to all 3 of our grandchildren!  And we were busy - - 

reading at 7:30 in the morning-

making music while colouring after breakfast - 

playing with Grampa and Uncle Darrin (thanks for capturing this action, Kelsey!) - 

going to the park with Grampa (while Gramma did some cooking and cleaning) -

just hanging out and trying to capture all the goodness - 

before he's completely grownup! - 

shoveling some snow - 

taking baby Avery (her doll) for boot skating rides on the rink - 

cleaning up the chalkboard creations - 

cooking beans and tasting them (according to her but in reality it was 2 squeezes from the chocolate sauce bottle before Gramma realized it!).

Life is good and we are blessed!!!  And now I'm going to have a rest :))


  1. I love this post it's full of fun. And now I'm off to escape the sun.

  2. Wonderful! They are such beautiful kids, and I can see you just love your time with them!

  3. I love these photos - especially the chocolate one LOL!!! How wonderful that you had such a great time with the grandkids.

  4. What a fun three days! I'm pretty sure Helayna, Silas and Meadow love seeing you guys as much as you enjoy being with them. There's something so special about having that with grandparents. Thanks for the photos. We love keeping up with the growing, playing and excitement in Alberta.

  5. Fun but yes, it is tiring. We are getting older me thinks!
    Precious memories for sure and I LOVE Silas' hair!

  6. Blessed indeed! What a great family!

  7. Such a blessing for you and the grandkids!!

  8. Wow! You sure were busy. I bet your grandchildren had a wonderful time.