Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Review of May

I used this cool mosaic maker to create a little review of last month. I think it would be cool to do one of these for all 12 months of a year. I'm combining this with the Let's Get Real Monday challenge from Randi - "Five Senses".

In May:
I saw rain, snow, flooded farmland, dandelions, mayday blossoms.
I heard birds outside the window, Helayna's laughter, Meadow's motor sounds, the lawnmower at work, quads on the trail.
I felt cool frosty mornings, hot sunny days, the warmth of the sun, cool dirt over seeds, brambles on the raspberry canes.
I smelt mayday blossoms, lilacs, the water of the lake, newly cut grass, burgers on the barbecue.

It was a great month!


  1. Great mosaic!! It's a little tricky to figure out, but once you see the result it's a lot of fun putting together. You had quite the month with all that weather, the enjoyment of spring coming and of course time with family. What a great way to collect tidbits from each month. Lots of creating to do! Hugs.

  2. So cool! Loved reading your review and the mosaic is awesome! Great way to review the month!

  3. What an awesome environment you live in! Great post.

  4. Lovely pictures! I didn't know you could make mosaics with Flickr--I am going to try this!

  5. That was a fantastic idea! I wish I had thought to review the whole month. The mosaic was very creative as well.

  6. I've been gone and am way behind in blog reading. I've just read through your last few posts and just wanted to say there's good stuff here.

    I really like your mosaic idea!

  7. Sounds like May was a wonderful month for you. :o)

  8. Wanted you to know I stole your idea for the mosaic maker. Thanks for sharing the link!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful visit with Helayna this weekend! I have enjoyed watching her grow over the past few months; what a doll!!!

  9. Anonymous1:44 PM

    This is a nice idea to review the month!

    (I'm just catching up (again) on some blog reading, so I'm still back in May...)

    Thanks for your comment on the large eggplants we got last year. Truthfully, we didn't know what to do with all of them, so we didn't plant any this year. I'm sure my mom will be sending some of hers this way...