Tuesday, June 05, 2007


What did you have for supper tonight?

I bought groceries at Safeway's 10% Tuesday tonight after school and while I was packing them into the house, I dropped the watermelon!! It split pretty much in half so I was able to salvage it without too much mess. Bob and I ate nearly half of it for supper - not exactly how I had planned to serve it but it was delicious! It didn't look quite as good as this one :( Man, I can be such a klutz!!

And if you could say a prayer for Heather and Jonathan and their neighbors that would be great. The house just 3 doors away from them was struck by lightning during a storm tonight and caught on fire. The fire department came and it was raining so I don't think it spread. I haven't heard from them in the last hour or so - hopefully it wasn't too bad and everyone is safe. Heather thought the people weren't home at the time. I'm sure she'll update us tomorrow.


  1. I love love love watermelon. Could eat a whole one on my own. And have many times...

    How absolutely scary for Heather and Jonathan! I hope everyone is safe.

  2. How scary! I hope everything is okay and that Heather, Jonathan and little Helene are fine!!

  3. sorry Crystal.....Helayna...oops!