Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Brent

It was my little brother's 50th birthday yesterday so this post is in honour of him. He was the one who had the all the plans for climbing trees, robbing birds's nests, hunting gophers and all the kinds of play with which farm boys keep themselves busy. Many evenings after supper, my brothers would wrestle on the kitchen floor, coached on by my Dad. Life was never dull with 2 brothers, almost exactly 1 year apart in age.

Our family portrait, taken in 1960, before my youngest sister was born. (Sorry, E!) I can still remember how un-impressed my dad was to have to go to the studio for this picture! Brent is the little guy in the sailor suit.

If you could read the logo on his hat, you'd see that it says "Wetaskiwin Aerial Applicators" which is his crop dusting business. He's a pilot and is in love with planes and flying - has been ever since high school!

Out in the cattle pen with Cory, his son, and our dad. He is involved in the beef cattle business along with my parents.

I know this summer will bring lots of excitement to your life, Little Bro, so travel safely and enjoy all that life brings you. Many more years of good times and happiness are wished for you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Uncle Brent!

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    This is a nice tribute, Crystal.

    Do you ever go flying with your brother?