Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #33

Listography #33 - 10 Things I'd Tell My 17-year-old Self

1.  Wear that bathing suit!  Wear it again and again - and don't worry about looking fat.  You will be fat one day but you aren't right now.  Trust me on this one!

2.  Those mini-skirts look great on you!  Way to go!

3.  Don't worry about fitting in with the party crew.  They will still be partying when they are 50 - is that what you want?

4.  Try everything!  Learn to ski, learn to swim, learn to play guitar.  You won't get good at anything if you never start it.

5.  Spend more time with your grandparents and write down some of their stories.  They will soon be gone.

6.  Pay attention to how Dad carves a chicken.  One day you may need to carve one in your own home!

7.  You really, really should go to France.  These chances only come once in a lifetime.

8.  You will be so glad that you learned to type.

9.  Don't worry about guys.  The really good ones will still be around when you are in your 20's.  Only go out with the ones that you'd like to be married to - don't waste your time on any others.

10.  Get rid of the sarcasm.  It doesn't do a thing for you or anyone else for that matter.


  1. This is such great advice. I really should go to visit with my grandparents next time I come to visit, take the laptop along and type up their stories. It would be so great to have them and share them with Samuel when he gets older. I also should write down more of your stories, too.
    I also think we should plan a trip to France. You can never go too many times, and it would be such a thrill going with you. I'm getting a little travel itch.

  2. I love this. Why is it so hard for us to see these things when we are 17?

  3. Awesome list! And how true, if we only knew it when we were 17!

  4. LOVED these!!! Especially the one about being fat. I always worried about being too fat and I look back on my earlier pictures, even after 4 children and I was NOT FAT. What a waste!!

  5. This made me tear's so true! But it's a great gift when we realize those lessons at some point in life :)