Saturday, August 27, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Bob's gone hiking to Yoho National Park this weekend and I am loving being at home all by myself.  I have so many projects on my to-do list that I'm not sure three days will be enough to get them done!

Takkakaw Falls
(photo from Virtual

2.  Working on a new hairstyle these days.  It's getting longer than I've had it for quite sometime but I think(?) it works.   Sorry there's no picture to show :)

3.  Our book club met last night and discussed the book "Day After Night" by Anita Diamant (the author of The Red Tent).  It's a very good read about 4 young Jewish women, each with their own story of survival,  on their way to Palestine after World Way II.   I love the variety of books we read and the discussions we have!  (Thanks for the good read, good time, and good food, DM!)

4.  There's a batch of raspberry jam cooling on the counter and a roaster full of applesauce cooling on the stove.  .  I love filling jars up with good food from our garden :)  Tomorrow it will be batch #2 of zucchini relish.

5.  Overnight it seems that autumn is pushing her way into our lives.  The maple trees are showing their bright golden leaves and some tiny wild bushes have red tinges.

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  1. I love the aroma of raspberry jam cooking! Almost as good as the taste. I'm hoping that autumn holds off for a few more weeks around here. I need to get a little more summer stored up!