Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Summer continues to shine on here with blue skies, wonderful growing things and so many fun activities.  I am abundantly blessed by so many big and little things every day.   It's incredible that God makes all of this beauty and then gives it to me - and you - to enjoy unconditionally.  Our sermon message yesterday asked the question:  "Are you thankful to have God with you in all situations, especially those that fill you with fear OR do you fear and worry that God has let bad things happen to you?"

#2840 - #2870

- sunshine, glorious sunshine
- blue sky and fluffy white clouds
- cool evenings
- sun's rays shining through the leaves
- crabapples beginning to turn pink

(photo taken by Helayna!)

- Sunday afternoon drives along new trails
- pina colada soft ice cream
- meals shared with friends and family
- finishing 2 (!) jobs that have been dragging on
- empty countertops (inspired by Naomi - thanks!)

- a new book to read
- memories of Manaus and the Amazon River
- books that link to places we have visited
- phone calls from our grandchildren
- the wonderful fragrance of our sweetpeas

- tomatoes ripe on the vine
- bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches
- first zucchini picked and used
- new potatoes dug from the garden
- my Mom and Dad's birthdays

- grandchildren comfortable swimming in the lake
- little ones waking us first thing in the morning
- surprise phone calls
- home all alone
- berries with brown sugar and fresh cream

- shopping for fabric at the quilt store
- pruning tomatoes in the greenhouse
- more raspberries picked
- menu planning - and good food available to me
- that God provides so much for me


  1. Visiting from Ann's! Berries, tomatoes and Zucchini sound yummy!!!!! Enjoy your week :-)


  2. Sounds like a bountifully blessed week. The fresh fruits and veggies are so good, and seeing them reminds me of how beautiful God's design is. He created every single one of those things for us to eat and enjoy...beautiful and fresh. Yum!
    Your sermon question is a challenging one, especially when you're dealing with the fear or tough situation.