Monday, August 29, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Summer is such a wonderful time of growing things and enjoying the outdoors.  Every day in August has brought warm temperatures and blooming flowers.  It's really quite hard to believe that the end of the month is upon us!   But the falling leaves (lots on the bike trail yesterday) and the golden grain speak of a season change and the sun is setting earlier every day.  There is so much every day that speaks of the Creator's goodness and His bounty.  I am reminded that He means for me to share what I have, both produce and most importantly His love.  

#2935 - #2965

- a gorgeous bride and a handsome groom, both of them smitten with each other
- fun and laughter while hearing about them growing up
- a stunning mother of the bride - so glad we are friends
- delicious Ukrainian food
- visiting with teaching friends

- stories from a successful hiking trip
- safety 
- bears that stayed away from people
- gorgeous views of God's creation
- cousins laughing together

- Sunday afternoon bike rides
- resident bike mechanic
- cuddling and talking to Maëlle as she coos
- Blake's words, coming often now
- Meadow sitting on my lap during church

- creative ideas and inspiration
- bouncing ideas off Bob and getting help with the details
- thrift store finds
- plans for birthday gifts
- anticipating his excitement

- handfuls of basil for pesto
- watermelon plants blooming (maybe producing in 2 years?)
- squash forming and stretching
- jars of raspberry jam
- marigolds blooming brightly

- storms that pass by 
- good news from far away
- lists and crossed off lists
- resting in God's care
- knowing that He cares about me!

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