Tuesday, February 01, 2011


For Christmas, Darrin and Kelsey (thanks, guys!) gave Bob and I each a pair of snowshoes and I've had many opportunities to use mine in the last month.  With the amount of snow that we've got, they are perfect for getting me out for walks and through the drifts.  Today was lots of fun because the drifts were hard enough that I was able to stay on top of them.  Last week the snow was too soft and fluffy and I kept sinking in to the middle of my thighs.  It made me laugh but was slow going!

We first used them on New Year's Day on the golf course in Fairmont.

Meadow and Naomi skiied while we 'shoed  - I don't think that's an actual word :)

I like how easy they are to put on:   step in, do the binding up around the back and then tighten up over the toes with the orange ratchets.

You can see how I was starting to sink in on this path. 

My word for 2011 is "Move More" and I am very happy to say that these guys were a great help with living out my word in January. 

The camera usually comes along and I can get nice and close for photo ops.  

There really are so many beautiful things out there, especially as the days are getting longer now.  It was still light at 5:30 p.m. today!

Hello, February - warm weather and just a bit of snow would be lovely this month, please!  I am anxious for spring to come but I will definitely miss being able to use my snowshoes.    I didn't ever think I'd be sad to see the snow go!


  1. Beautiful photos, Crystal! I love the snow shoes. What a great idea, and it is so nice to see you out on top of the snow, although it would have been fun to see you up to your thighs in it too!

  2. my hubs suggested that we start snowshoeing as a family. it sounds fun, but we need to gear up first. i think we will wait til end of season when everything is on sale, and then start next year. :)

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Such a great gift! I'm glad you've been able to use them so much this year. Love the photos you took too. We love snowshoeing.