Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Saturday Fun

If you've read my blog for awhile, you will know that my sister Esther is the event planner in our family.  She puts together the best gatherings, full of fun and activity.  So on Saturday we headed over there for a tobogganing party.  It's been years and years since I went down a hill on a little piece of board or plastic - and we had a ball, acting like kids again!  Darrin and Kelsey came and brought Kelsey's parents too, which meant a whole lot of fun for the 8 of us.

Top of the hill

at the bottom

Sometimes taking pictures got dangerous!

Lots of laughs - and screams!

A friendly push 

but once you got started, there was no stopping!

The GT snow racers definitely went the furthest

and getting back to the top was good exercise!

We also did a little snowmobiling,

including tricks -

and tumbles!

Lots of playing around, 

following the leader, 

and sometimes helping the leader get un-stuck!

The snow is very deep this year which makes for great -
 but challenging - driving conditions.

Bob and I -
February's shot for 2 people 12 times, 
a little monthly photographic exercise.

Heading across the fields,

stopping for a group picture

and then racing for home as the winds started to blow strong!

We spent a great winter afternoon outdoors with people we love!  Thanks, L & E for hosting - your hills and fields are awesome!!


  1. Fabulous fun! And those grins are all very wide too. I can almost hear the laughter from here.....

  2. That's one fantastic sledding hill. You were definitely not afraid to enjoy that winter wonderland. Great shots of everything and everyone. I do like the one of you and Dad. It's perfect for Feb. ;)

  3. Anonymous6:53 PM

    yeah it was a lot of fun wasn't it? I like your last shot - the wind and cloud - you captured it! I have some great shots of you I'll have to send you. esther

  4. Looks like so much fun!

  5. GREAT pictures ... all of them! They are beautiful!!