Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #7

Listography #7 - Films I Could Watch Over and Over

I am so not a movie person!  I forget who acted in them and when they were made and what happened.  I watch them, enjoy them, move on - and pretty much could watch most of them again in 6 months as if they were brand new!  But here are a few long time favourites - some of them are pretty old.

1.  Love Story - this was the first movie Bob and I ever saw together long, long ago.  About 25 years later he surprised me with a copy of it for Valentine's Day.  Pretty romantic for my husband - and a pretty sad, romantic movie to take a girl to on your first date!

2.  Sound of Music

3.  Count of Monte Cristo

4.  I Dreamed of Africa - especially after traveling there last year.

5.  The King and I - first saw this when I was just a child.

6.  Pretty Woman - or pretty much anything with Julia Roberts in it - she's a favourite of mine.

7.  Invictus - Nelson Mandela is amazing - as is Morgan Freeman who played him.

8.  Blood Diamond

9.  Hotel Rwanda - about a sad and horrific time.

10.  Schindler's List - another sad movie made very real by our visit to the actual factory when we were in Krakow, Poland a few years ago.   It was SO sobering to stand at the gates and then to walk up into Schindler's office.

11.  Doctor Zhivago - the film that first made me want to visit Russia.

12.  Chocolat

It appears that I have a bit of an African theme going on here!


  1. We watched Invictus not too long ago and it WAS amazing. What a powerful story.

    I didn't know the story about the Love Story movie with Dad - now I'm curious about watching it.

  2. I'd say it's a well travelled list, and definitely shows your interests.

    Quite a few of these are my favourites, too. Chocolat is by far my favourite one. Every time I watch it I want to make chocolate.

  3. Crystal, there are so many of these that I haven't seen yet! I haven't even seen The Sound of Music. Is that weird? I just saw Blood Diamond. What a powerful story!