Monday, February 07, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

I am reading on in Ann's book, One Thousand Gifts, and my eyes are opening to understand so much more about why I need to - and want to - count on with my thanks.  God always opens His hand and gives - daily He sends out all I need and more, wonders of wonders, grace beyond measure.  So when I open my hands and receive and number the gifts,  then I am compelled, driven, excited to share His giving with those around me.  The giving continues, from Him through me, to others.  To hear her descriptions and see her discoveries echoing in my heart is such a gift.  How He blesses the reader through the author!

- sun shining on bright white

- diamond snowflake sparkles

- sanding trucks with their loads sprinkling out

- screams of delight going downhill

- having fun together

- weather that allows for afternoons outdoors

- warm clothes and mitts

- the smell of supper when we walk in the house

- cream cheese icing on carrot cake

- watching our son and his wife together

- stories around the supper table

- playing games with loved ones

- safely arriving back home

- the picture in my mind of light shining outside myself as I leave His house

- praying for a friend

- phone messages from the grandchildren

- phone calls

- sewing project finished

- lessons learned from the project

- plans for the next project!

- cake batter pouring into the pan

- empty laundry baskets

- watching Melinda open her gifts via video (thank you, L!)

- letter slipping in the box, heading to Brazil

- smiling while reading the good, good book

- tears slipping down while reading the good, good book

- thinking about each friend that will come to book club tonight

- clean counters, floor, and bathroom

- hearing his feet coming into the garage at day's end

- lively discussions

- handmade cards arriving in the mailbox

- baking to share with a neighbor tomorrow morning

- trusting that He really does care for me

- knowing that opening our home to others is an act of service for Him

- amazing grace that He would love me so, so much!


  1. Truly He gives and He gives. Also, He is all sufficient for me!!!

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Oh Mom, this is so beautiful. I can just feel your joy and gratefulness shine through.

    I wrote down sanding trucks and snowploughs in my gratitude journal last night too. :)

    Love you!

  3. Another great list, which I always love reading! I really, really want Ann's book now. It is amazing to realize how much He does give and how much I take it for granted sometimes! Such a great way to really put things into perspective. Thanks for sharing, I need to get back on track and do my Grateful lists!