Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Year Ago

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It's nearly a year since we visited New York City and I thought it might be fun to take a little walk down memory lane!

We came in to the city the day after a big snowstorm had passed through.  There was a lot of snow but it melted really fast   For awhile there were lots of interesting snow scenes.  

Most of the row houses have steps leading up the main door entrance and the stairwells have interesting places where snow can pile up.  The door on the left in the bottom picture leads to the basement suite.

This was the street outside of the school where Mel and Tyler's church had Sunday morning services.  No jaywalking possible here!

Samuel was all tucked into the stroller so he could have a little nap - or so his Mama thought!  

The beautiful mural on the outside wall of the school.

Stroller parking inside the school.  True New Yorkers, most people walk or take the subway to get to church.  You can tell from this that there are lots of young families attending this church!

This little boy has grown up so much in the last year!!  Another good reason to look back so you can marvel at how much the grandchildren have changed!

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  1. Samuel has grown so much! He has way more hair now too, hey? I forgot how much snow they had last year too. What fun to reminisce on your trip.