Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #8

Listography #8 - Things I Do Not Like

1.  Snakes

2.  Bad manners

3.  Herring

4.  Telemarketers

5.  Rodents like mice

6.  Paper blowing around (littering)

7.  Cigarette smoke

8.  Sarcasm

9.  Spelling Christmas with an X

10.  Farm accounting


  1. I love number 10. ;) I think I knew most of these about you, and share quite a few in common with you, especially number one. I guess you didn't like it much when Naomi and I caught baby mice when we were little and brought them home to show you. lol. I do remember that day.
    I'm enjoying getting to know you more, little lists at a time.

  2. oh my I HATE it when people spell Christmas with an X too!!!!!!!!!!

  3. #10 is my favourite. :) I'd hate it too. I must be your daughter because I could copy and paste your list to mine.