Monday, February 14, 2011

Gratitude Gifts - Valentine's Edition

I'm on my through a second reading of the chapters in One Thousand Gifts and following discussion in the Bloom book club too.  This book is filled with so much to ponder and contemplate and adapt to my very own life.  In between thoughts on eucharisteo and soul holes, I pause to accept His grace to me, offer Him thanks, and live in joy!  Oh, what joy He brings!

And the gifts count on:

- warm temperatures

- melting snow

- sun shining

- soft, warm sheets

- freshly made granola

- Valentine cards

- birthdays celebrated today

- heart-shaped layer cakes

- red and pink hearts

- longer hours of daylight

- special recipes

- homemade chocolate pudding

- sending letters

- fixing broken furniture

- listening to friends talk about life

- texting a happy birthday message

- fresh tablecloth for the kitchen table

- candles to burn

- running water in the house

- leaving little notes to show him my love

- transportation for my journeys

- the smell of spring coming

- song of birds

- time to make things

- a creative spirit

- cookies left over from Christmas

- "a heartbreakingly beautiful novel"

- hearts on fabric

- knowing, just knowing, that He loves me

- knowing that my soul holes can be healed by giving Him thanks!


  1. I just had to let you know that I did receive the book for my Valentine's Day gift. I love my hubby! :o) I am already on Chapter 5 and I have found myself completely and utterly broken and in tears--dealing with some stuff that I should have years ago. I know that I too will have to go back and ponder, reflect, seek the Lord and His wisdom, guidance on how to apply Eucharisteo to my life. Beautiful list!

  2. There's so much to write in these lists these days, isn't there?
    Thanks for sharing, for noticing, for pointing out the good gifts that come from Him. Love all those hearts and reminders about love and where it all comes from.